Organizing Committees

Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

This group leads the organization of the Colloquium.
All other Committees report back to the LOC.

Therese Docherty (Chair)
Katie Abbotts
Jo Anthony
Martin Burton
Sarah Chapman
Anne Eisinga
Holly Millward
Richard Morley
Selena Ryan-Vig
Kathryn Smith

Patients Included Advisory Group

The members of this group have a wealth of expertise
as patients, carers and patient advocates, researchers
and research participants. They are advising on how
the Colloquium can be made accessible and inclusive for all.
Hubert Allen
Sue Bloomfield
Ally Brown
Pauline Campbell
Amanda DiRosa
Irene Fuchs
Sophie Gay
Glenys Goodwill
Catherine Greehy
Polly Griffith
Shubhanna Hussain-Ahmed
Fiona McLaughlin
Pat Mooney
Francesco Palma
Brian Rochford
Patricia A Rodger
Peter Smart
Deb Smith
Mike Thorpe
Ayath Ullah

Themes and Content Committee

Plans the scientific content for the Colloquium
programme. The Workshop and Abstract Sub-Committees
report into this committee.

Martin Burton (Co-Chair)
Chris Cates (Co-Chair)
David Tovey

Abstracts Sub-Committee

Manage the submission and reviewing process for oral
presentations and poster abstracts as well as scheduling.

Tracey Howe (Co-Chair)
Jordi Pardo Pardo (Co-Chair)

Workshops Sub-Committee

Manage the submission and reviewing process for
workshop abstracts as well as scheduling.

Chris Cates (Co-Chair)
Dario Sambunjak (Co-Chair)

Consumer Stipend Committee

Manage the submission and reviewing process for 
Cochrane Consumers applying for funding.

Richard Morley (Chair)
Lydia Parsonson (Administrator)
Nancy Fitton
Anne Lyddiatt
Joy Oliver
Sara Yaron

LMIC/UMIC Stipends Committee

Manage the submission and reviewing process for 
attendees from Low-, Middle- and Upper Middle-
Income Countries (LMIC/UMIC) applying for funding.

Holly Millward (Co-Chair)
Kathryn Smith (Co-Chair)
Lydia Parsonson (Administrator)
Netzahualpilli Delgado, Cochrane Mexico
Luis Eduardo Santos Fontes, Cochrane Brazil - Rio de Janeiro Affiliate
Carlos Grillo, Cochrane Andes
Martin Meremikwu, Cochrane Nigeria
Barbara Nussbaumer-Streit, Cochrane Austria
Elizabeth Pienaar, Cochrane South Africa
Marta Roqué, Cochrane Iberoamerica
Mario Tristán, Cochrane Central America and Spanish Caribbean