Special Sessions

A number of special sessions are taking place at the Cochrane Colloquium. These sessions will highlight initiatives and foster interaction and the development of partnerships with external organisations. More information will be made available soon.

Special session


Advances in a trustworthy and digital evidence ecosystem to increase value and reduce waste in health carePer Olav Vandvik; Janet Clarkson; Chris Mavergames
Consumer involvement in Cochrane - knowledge translation in actionRichard Morley; Catherine Marshall; Lyubov Lytvyn; Alex Pollock; Consumer Executive Members
De-implementing tests and treatments: how Cochrane evidence can support Choose Wisely campaignsSylvia de Haan
Cochrane-Wikipedia Initiative: Using Cochrane evidence to provide consumers with high quality medical content on WikipediaJennifer Dawson & Sylvia de Haan
Knowledge translation in action: How to get the right reviews in the right format to the right audiencesSylvia de Haan
Advocating for Evidence: Collaborating to promote consistent use of patient-important outcomes in researchJan Clarkson; Heather Bagley with Holger Schünemann; Sean Tunis; Jochen Schmitt and Paula Williamson
Cochrane's Content StrategyDavid Tovey & Karla Soares-Weiser
Testing Treatments: a free learning resource for the public, now available in nearly twenty languagesIain Chalmers & Douglas Badenoch
Working globally, acting locally: building an international network for public involvement in health and social care researchRichard Morley; Simon Denegri; Sophie Staniszewska; Heather Bagley