We are looking forward to an exciting and fresh workshop program, bringing participants together for hands-on, practical learning and collaboration on a range of engaging topics.

Workshop schedule

In the program, five time slots of 90 minutes will be reserved for workshops, with a small number of additional workshops scheduled outside these sessions. Sign-up for workshops and other sessions will be available before the Colloquium on the following pages:

For workshop facilitators

We kindly ask workshop facilitators to follow the instructions below to ensure your presentation goes smoothly.

  • You will have 90 minutes to present your workshop.
  • Please disclose all funding sources or potential conflict(s) of interest to the audience before your presentation. Your disclosure(s) should be stated on the second slide of any slide presentations. We recommend to use either of the following statements: “I have no actual or potential conflict of interest in relation to this presentation.” “I have a [financial interest, arrangement or affiliation] with the following organisation(s) that could be perceived as a direct or indirect conflict of interest in the context or content of this presentation.”
  • Your workshop should have clearly stated goals, include a high level of interaction with participants, and provide a structured plan appropriate for a 90 minute workshop.
  • Include hands-on work and practical examples of good practice – and maybe add some fun or a new interactive format to shake things up.
  • Plan for your discussions to be well-structured and useful – stay on track, and make sure you have a good facilitator to guide discussions arising from topics on the day.
  • Avoid lectures – if you have more than 10 slides before starting an interactive component, you have too many!
  • You can prepare any slide presentations in PowerPoint, in Keynote (for Mac-users) or as a pdf-file.
  • Please don’t forget to take an extra copy of any presentations to Vienna (USB-Stick or by sending it to your webmail).

On the day of your workshop

  • Check in at the speaker preparation room at least two hours before your session commences and provide a copy of your presentation to the technical staff. All presentations must be uploaded at the latest one hour before the session begins.
  • You will be asked to assist in distributing and collecting micro-evaluation forms from your partipants (these forms should take less than one minute to complete, and a box will be provided in your room to collect these forms), and in counting the number of participants in your workshop.
  • If you wish to incorporate videos in your presentation, make sure you check that it works on the computers at the venue well beforehand (best the day before your presentation).
  • Every room is equipped with a laptop, projector and screen. A microphone for the speaker and a second microphone are available in each room. Check with the staff in the speaker presentation room about any additional equipment you requested in your workshop submission.
  • Please be respectful of your participants by staying within the time allowed.

If you have any questions about your workshop presentation, please contact the Workshops Committee (Miranda Cumpston, Jackie Chandler, Peter Mahlknecht) at


Do I need to register if I am a facilitator?
Yes, all presenters need to register by 14 August and pay the registration fee.

Can I make changes to my abstract?
No. Changes to abstracts are no longer possible.

When do I need to be in my session room?
Please come to your assigned session room 10 minutes in advance to prepare with your co-facilitators.

When and where can I upload my presentation?
Please upload your presentation at the speaker preparation room at least two hours before your session starts.

Can I change the list of facilitators?
Yes, you can. Please send an e-mail to with the name of the workshop, and the new list of facilitators. Please note that no changes are possible after 14 August.